Friday, May 14, 2010

Rambling great title, huh?

A very creative title isn't, I know right? it took all of about 0.01 seconds to think of it, any way besides that randomness, I wanted to make this blog post about one of my other favorite past times if you will? Well that would be reading, I'm a self proclaimed book worm, book addicted, bad a the wallet. Thankfully my mother has many, many books so it's not quite (that) bad but still. An author I've come to like over the last two-ish years is Sarah Dessen, but my two favorites are: Stephen King and James Patterson, their both known for mystery. One of my favorites from James Patterson is "Sunday's at Tiffany's" this one was completely different from any of his other's I've read before, and much enjoyed. Stephen King's newest book (that I've aware that is) "Under the Dome is a thick monster at 1000+ pages and have yet to finish it, this summer when school isn't my life the monster will be read, from what I have read 40ish pages I like.

Tell me what your favorite book(s) are?
Have a great weekend.

DISCLAIMER: none of the images in this post ARE mine.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing, cleaning, etc, etc.

This afternoon after coming home from school I thought to myself "why wait until the end of the week to do laundry and such" well that is just what I've been doing since 1 o'clock, doing laundry, grrr, and what not. Be smart and not wait until your not wearing end of winter/early spring clothing and wait to finish that laundry (you said to yourself a month and a half ago you would do), yes be smart.

Well after a million and three years I am finally making a blog post with pictures (woohoo), here you have it.....finally new photos! On a side note I have to get inspiration from other things other than flowers, I'm getting to the point were that is almost all I shoot. Hopefully Miami/Florida will give more inspiration.
I was luckly enough to get this little guys photo, I must admit that he (or) she does live near my yard.

DISCLAIMER: All the photo in this blog post ARE MINE.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day, Mom. No photos today just a Happy Mother's Day greeting to all the moms out there. Hope all the wonderful mothers had a lovely day! Know matter how much we fight with her growing up, and she says "no" and all the other things go on in day-to-day-life nothing can replace a mother or a grandmother, aunt or any other mother figure in our lives.

What did you do for your Mother today? as for myself and sibling (well I more so) made her dinner, a card, she isn't one for fresh-cut flowers so we went to a local nusery and bought daisy's and planted them a pot.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, love you.