Friday, April 30, 2010


My apologies for not posting in a while as I do have good reason(s) as to why: Over the past week and a half I've gotten a root canal done (not fun. damn almonds), dance and school have made me super busy, this past Monday and Tuesday and today have/are picture for dance/graduating senior pictures. These are just two photo taken recently:
I'm in need of new music, in the next couple of week I am going to Florida, so I need some for the flight. If anyone can recommend anything thank you so much! I'll take a listening to just about anything!

DISCALIMER: all the photos in this post are MINE. If you wish to use please e-mail me at Thank you. again all the photos are MINE.


  1. There beautiful pictures! I love them! Im following your blog now, :)

  2. Thanks Kylene, I'm fallowing yours as well.

  3. these photos are absolutly gorgeous! :)


  4. What beautiful photos! I want them framed for my room!
    Love Poppy