Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's April already?

It doesn't seem like that long ago it was December how the last four months have gone by. This week didn't turn out to what was planed as I said in my last post, on Wednesday I was going to brave the masses & see the cherry blossoms well that didn't work out, Tuesday night I brook my tooth from grinding my teeth at night, (how doctors night guard would have come in handy). My physics test results were e-mailed to the 'rents since this week is spring break, WOW I did so much better than I thought an 85 yay!. A few of photos of this week (below).


Have an Enjoyable Easter and Passover.

DISCLAIMER: All the photos in this post are MINE. If you wish to use any of them please e-mail me at again all the photos are mine.


  1. Great pictures. I really wish things would start to green up in Colorado.

  2. Thought Criminal, before you know it will start getting green again. It is actually strangely hot here this week for April, yesterday it was 95 degrees, today is about the same. Thankfully a cold front is coming in.