Monday, June 7, 2010

I must be the worst person for blogging in history, plus a bitter sweet week

And I really mean it it's going on a month since my last post, ekk. As I've said in probably other posts I have good reasons now I'll take you on my long list of them, since right now I actually have time, as it's 2:34 A.M. and not able to sleep. As I type I'm watching, or listening, to Dear John (I won't say what I though about it as this moment) anyway. It's a bitter sweet week, I really cannot believe the four years of high school are over, as of 4 o'clock this afternoon I was officially DONE with high school, it's been a long yet short road (if that makes sense). It was sad to think that this will probably will be one of the last few times I'll see some of these people for a while (if at all again), yet happy to think we're all moving forward in life to become all that we can be. How I'll miss some of them. It's really starting to hit me 9 hours later that I am really not going back come September, It's bitter sweet to think. But whatever life has in store next...the unknown that may be, I'm ready. Here is to the road unknown.....and to now looking for a summer job. Job hunting here I come.

Here is to the class of 2010. Great job!


  1. high school is coming to an end for me as well, and i completely understand what you mean with its been a long short road. haha it really has.

  2. Yay! glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. Most people say it's so long/felt long.