Friday, June 25, 2010

Models, photoshopping, Blackberry.

Sorry for my lack of entries this week, I'm in a "photography-block" if you will nothing seems inspirational lately. Anyway. This post on CoCoPerez today caught my eye, some people may remember a while ago Ralph Lauren fell under bad press with photoshopping a model to unrealistic proportions. This time however Nordstrom has photoshopped Ralph Lauren model, Tao Okamoto, already thin to have a young child's proportion(s). Do you think Nordstrom should remove the photo from their website? or do you think it's part of the fashion business?

On another note, today I upgraded my phone from an LG Chocolate to a Blackberry Pearl it won't arrive until Monday (crosses fingers it's here tomorrow) it has over-night shipping but with it being Saturday I'm thinking Monday. If you have a Blackberry do you like it? pros & cons, this will be my first one.

Photo below of Ralph Lauren model.

Have a great weekend!!

DISCLAIMER: the photo in this post is NOT MINE.

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