Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long waiting

Hope everyone's weekend is going well, if you aren't already out of school. As said in my last post I am blogging about my vacation to Central Florida from the end of last month. Manly there are just the "highlight/landmark" photos, I wouldn't want to bore anyone for to long with a bunch of random photo, but the few I did add.

In the the years I've been to Disney I've never seen Hollywood Studios this crazy packed. Actually I don't have many pictures from there, we got there around 11:15 and stayed for about 30-45 minutes. Fast Pass for the Rockin' Roller Coaster return was 5:45-6:45 nuts huh? and it was not even noon.

I can't believe my senior dance year is almost over next weekend are my recitals, I have two on Saturday and one Sunday. This week will be crazy running around for this and that for it, tonight I have a three hour practice, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as well. Friday is dress rehearsal. ahah. Luckly enough I'll get home just in time to watch the season 3 premiere of True Blood.
DISCLAIMER: ALL THE PHOTOS IN THIS POST ARE MINE. If you wish to use them please E-mail me at Thank you.


  1. aww I love FL I lived right by Orlando so Ive been to all these Parks several times :) Really cute blog!


  2. Thanks Luisa. That's cool I've been to Orlando many times pretty know it like the back of my hand. haha.